Hey! My name is Pierre or you can call me “P”. Please don’t break any of the CSS when inspecting my place. That’s just rude! I am a front-end developer that breathes CSS and occasionally doodles. You can check out my Team Treehouse profile for some of my accomplishments or keep scrolling down to see some of my work.

Artist to Coder


PinPoint Marketing was the very 1st time I actually got to code as a Flash Animator in ActionScripting. I used my creativity and scripting skills to create homepages for our e-commerce sites. Each store would have unique animation that was looped to show featured products. This was back when Flash was “cool” to have on your website.

Other duties also involved creating shirt designs, logos and concept art. One of the biggest projects we took on was something I had to keep secret for a year. PinPoint started working with Capcom USA and we going to create a chess set for them. The chess set would include 16 characters from the Street Fighter series. We pitched to them what characters we wanted to include and I was real bummed we didn’t get to use Rufus from Street Fighter 4. During my Thanksgiving ’11 I had to draw concepts for all 16 characters which we then presented to Capcom. Seth Killian and Yoshinori Ono San approved of it and the rest is history. Click the image below to view the concept that was provided.

GRAND–TIME    2011-2016

I began my transition from Flash animator to strictly HTML and PHP in July 2011 at Grand–Time in Deep Ellum. I was originally hired to update their flash website called “Just Bling Watches” that had links to each SKU go to Amazon for customers to purchase. They had another brand called “Bredawatch” that already had an e-commerce site built in Joomla with VirtueMart so I proposed we converted Just Bling Watch to that.

The conversion was successful after two months and we finally had a response HTML e-commerce store. A few years later we re-branded and became “JBW” along with a facelift to the site.

In 2013 the next project at Grand–Time was another facelift to our other brand, “Bredawatch”. We teamed up with a creative strategist, tekebusk, and #theunbound was born. This was an exciting time as I got work with fresh designs and challenging features.

This update would ditch VirtueMart and move on to OpenCart. OpenCart’s single page checkout was one of the biggest draws and there was some great plugins that allowed my customized code to stay even after upgrades. The biggest challenge was migrating all user’s info and orders to the new shop. This was something I had to do all by myself and after hours when the volume of users was low in our store. The migration was successful with some minor styling issues on certain pages but the previous users were still able to user their accounts as planned.

Who am I?

As a kid I loved to draw and take apart electronics. As I grew into my teens I got my 1st PC where I played around with Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and modded PC games like DOOM. I guess you could say my earliest introduction to coding were adding math random variables for the X Y and Z axis for projectiles shooting out of a wall. Skipping ahead to college I took a break from modding and focused more on graphic design and video editing. I grew bored just doing graphic design so that became my hobby and eventually became a front-end developer.

On my spare time I enjoy spending time with my wife where we spend endless amount of hours binge-watching movies or Netflix series. We have two dogs and a tortoise name Shelly. If you can’t tell already from the picture, I love animals! One of the greatest adventures I’ve had with my wife involved going to an island in Japan that had friendly deer.

Currently I am taking some online courses to expand my JavaScript skills and fiddling around with some digital animation. I try to keep both sides of my brain busy.